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Pet X-rays and Diagnostics

Veterinary diagnostics technology has advanced significantly over the last few decades, allowing us to perform many insightful tests in our Germantown practice.

Cat and Dog X-rays and Diagnostics
in Germantown, MD

Little Seneca Animal Hospital features a full in-house laboratory, digital X-rays, and ultrasound. Each facet is useful in discovering different conditions and illnesses, so we use all three to get a complete, comprehensive view of your pet. Call (301) 540-8670 to learn more!

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Laboratory Testing for a
Deeper Understanding

Our complete in-house lab can run almost any test we need. It is beneficial for the pre-anesthetic blood tests we run just before surgery to ensure your pet is in top condition. We also use our lab to run routine blood screenings and parasite testing, among other things.

Some of the tests we run include:

Tick Panel

Blood Chemistry Panel

Heartworm Tests


Cytology (examination of skin cells)

Fecal Tests (for parasites)

Complete Blood Count (CBCs)

Feline Leukemia/Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Tests

While we have all these capabilities in-house, sometimes we need to send samples to our outside lab. However, test results are not overly delayed—we generally have answers within 24 hours.

X-ray image

Digital X-Rays Reduce Radiation and Streamline Diagnosis

X-rays are a valuable pet diagnostics tool that allows us to evaluate the skeletal structure, joints, organs, and the abdominal cavity with clear, precise imaging. We use the latest digital X-ray technology that offers faster imaging results and a more detailed picture and makes sharing your pet’s X-rays extremely easy.

Cat and dog X-rays help us diagnose many different conditions including:

Bladder Stones


Intestinal Blockages

Bone Fractures and Breaks

Kidney, Heart or Liver Disease

Arthritis, and more!

Ultrasound image

Pet Ultrasound with a Board-Certified Radiologist

At Little Seneca Animal Hospital, we work with a board-certified radiologist who visits our practice with an ultrasound machine to perform expert ultrasounds when needed. Ultrasound uses sound waves that bounce off internal structures to create an image of your pet’s organs, bones, and joints. Rather than a still image like X-rays, ultrasound allows us to see live images of your pet’s internal workings. Our radiologist can observe joints in motion, lungs expanding, and organs functioning in real time and assess them for any abnormalities.

Ultrasound is useful for examining:




Lymph Nodes

Kidneys and Bladder

Abdominal Cavity

Heart (also known as an echocardiogram)

Kidneys and Bladder

Abdominal Cavity

Heart (also known as an echocardiogram)

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Contact us today at (301) 540-8670 if you think your pet would benefit from our cat and dog x-rays and diagnostic technology, and we’ll be happy to set you up with an appointment!