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Pet Teeth Cleaning

Dental, or periodontal, disease is more prevalent in pets than you may realize. It affects most dogs and cats over age three, making it the most common dental condition for pets. If left untreated, it can become a much more serious condition affecting your pet’s vital organs.

Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in Germantown, MD

Fortunately, this disease is entirely preventable. With consistent at-home dental care and occasional professional cleaning at our Germantown practice, your pet can steer clear of this potentially dangerous condition—call (301) 540-8670 to schedule a cat or dog teeth cleaning for your pet.

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Signs of Dental Disease in Pets

Unfortunately, the early signs of dental disease can be subtle until the disease is already far more advanced and, therefore, more difficult to manage. Keep an eye out for these signs of progressing periodontal disease:

Bad breath – an early sign that should not be written off as ‘just a dog thing’!

Red swollen gums

Discolored teeth

Loose or broken teeth

Difficulty chewing (food and/or toys)

Bleeding from the mouth

If your pet exhibits any of these signs, it could be a sign of disease! Bring them in, and we’ll treat them to a full dental cleaning and exam to prevent further progression of the disease.

Safety First in Dental Procedures

While at-home pet dental care can play a role in preventing any problems from developing, it is still vital that your pet come to see us for professional dental cleaning and exams regularly. For every cat or dog teeth cleaning procedure, your pet will be put under general anesthesia, allowing us to thoroughly clean and examine your pet’s entire mouth. Even the most docile pets won’t let us poke around their mouths for an extended period, so anesthesia is essential!

Before any procedure requiring anesthesia, we always minimize risk with a complete pre-anesthetic exam and bloodwork, as well as extensive monitoring of your pet’s vitals throughout the entire procedure by a qualified veterinary technician.

Our dental procedures include the following services:

Scaling and polishing

Fluoride treatment

Full oral exam

Dental X-rays if needed

Extractions of broken or damaged teeth if needed

Optional laser therapy to treat gingivitis

Preventing Disease with At-Home Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning

The most essential part of pet dental care is what happens at home! Regular brushing of your pet’s teeth is the best method of preventing plaque and tartar buildup. However, we know that uncooperative pets and busy schedules can make this a challenging task to do every single day. That’s why we also offer other options, such as dental chews, water additives, and dry prescription diets that all help to break down plaque and keep your pet’s mouth healthy. We offer regular handouts about at-home care, so ask for one at your appointment or call (301) 540-8670!