Cat and Dog Pain Relief in Germantown, MD: Puppy Lays on Leash

Improving Quality of Life with Cat and Dog Pain Relief in Germantown, MD

Pain management comes in many forms and we use them for a wide range of conditions. Sometimes your pet may only require short-term pain relief after surgery, while other times their chronic condition warrants long-term supplements and medication. No matter the case, the team at Little Seneca Animal Hospital in Germantown strives to first understand your pet’s particular condition and then devise a pet pain management plan that best suits their needs. Call (301) 540-8670 to learn our veterinarians can provide your pet with relief from pain!

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Possible Pet Pain Management Options

Possible pain management options we may suggest include:

Weight Loss

Excess weight puts unnecessary strain on your pet’s joints. It can make already present conditions such as arthritis worse and can contribute to injury. To combat obesity, we may suggest diet changes and a gentle exercise regime that can get your pet back in shape.


This injectable drug is used to control symptoms associated with degenerative or traumatic arthritis. The initial injections are twice a week for the first 4-6 weeks, then about once every 2-4 weeks. It is the only FDA approved product of its type and helps treat osteoarthritis while giving pain relief as well. It works by restoring joint lubrication, relieving inflammation, and renewing the building blocks of healthy cartilage. Adequan can often reduce or eliminate the need for pain medications. 

Glucosamine Supplements

This supplement is a natural substance already present in your pet's body. Additional glucosamine supplements increase the amount of this helpful compound. We recommend the glucosamine supplement, Dasuquin. This nutritional supplement for both dogs and cats supports healthy joints by protecting against cartilage breakdown. It improves joint flexibility and reduces pain and inflammation. Dasuquin comes in a chewable tablet for dogs and a chew or capsule for cats.

Fatty acid (omega-3s) supplements

Similar to glucosamine, other omega-3 fatty acids help support healthy joints and reduce inflammation in pets with arthritis or other degenerative joint conditions. These supplements are not regulated by the FDA, so it's important to be informed about the supplement you choose. We recommend AllerG-3, which comes as both a capsule or a pump form to add to your pet's food.


Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs help reduce inflammation, stiffness, and pain. While they are effective against chronic conditions like arthritis, NSAIDs have some risks associated with long-term use. Yet NSAIDs are very effective at keeping pets comfortable, so for long-term use, we require regular blood work to monitor patients and make sure the NSAID is not causing any harm.  

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy requires no oral treatment and no injections. It works by emitting concentrated light energy from a hand-held device that penetrates deep into your pet's tissue. The light triggers ATP production, or cellular energy, in the affected area, which stimulates cell repair. This reduces inflammation and pain and speeds up recovery. It is useful for a quicker post-surgery recovery, healing injuries, relieving the pain of degenerative conditions, and more. 

Interested in learning more about pet pain management? Contact us today at (301) 540-8670 or set up a consultation appointment so we can help improve your pet’s quality of life!